Sweet Dick Willie in the middle.

Sweet Dick Willie is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by the late Robin Harris. He hangs around with his friends Coconut Sid and ML in front of a red wall, sitting on chairs, under a beach umbrella.

His first comments are about the boxer Mike Tyson. He talks about how it's "never too hot or never too cold" to have sex.

Officer Gary Long and Officer Mark Ponte slowly cruise by them in their patrol car, with Ponte saying: "What a waste." ML asks Sweet Dick Willie about his name. After ML makes comments about the Koreans, Sweet Dick Willie says how he's going to go there to give them more of his money, to buy some Miller High Life. Sonny pushes Sweet Dick Willie saying how there's no more Miller High Life.

When Buggin' Out comes by to ask them to help him boycott Sal's Pizzeria, they all refuse and Sweet Dick Willie says how Sal never done anything to him and how Buggin' Out should boycott his barber.

At nightfall, Sweet Dick Willie and his friends are part of the crowd who witness the murder of Radio Raheem by the police. After they take him away, they leave the people mourning, with Sweet Dick Willie telling Sal how they're not going to take it anymore.