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The Wall of Fame

Sal's Pizzeria is a restaurant run by Sal, who has owned it for 25 years (circa since 1964). His staff includes his sons Vito and Pino, and Mookie. Sal and his sons make the pizza and customer service, while Mookie is the delivery boy. The pizzeria is opposite the Korean grocery store.

Sal has a Wall of Fame in the pizzeria which includes Italian-American celebrities. Buggin' Out complains to Sal about how there are no black people on the wall and tells people to boycott the place when he gets kicked out.

The pizzeria has a window which Sal uses to sell ice cream to customers.

After Radio Raheem's death and Buggin' Out's arrest, the pizzeria window gets smashed by Mookie throwing a trash can at it. The outraged people go ballistic at this point, and the entire building is demolished, Sal's money is stolen, and then the place is burnt down by Smiley, when he throws a lit match to the wall. Police, firefighters, and Riot Patrol squads arrive to stop the chaos. Firefighters try to put the fire out, but rioters beat up the fireman when the police order them to spray away the rioters. One by one, they are arrested by the Riot Patrol squad. Later, Smiley puts the picture of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., which he usually carries, on the wall of fame.

The next day, Sal is seen sitting on the doorstep of the pizzeria and says how he built the place with his own hands. The pizzeria was insured by Sal.