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Punchy in the orange vest.

Punchy is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Leonard L. Thomas. He hangs around with his friends Cee, Ella and Ahmad.

He is first shown in the film when Ella is calling for Ahmad to come out to hang around with them. Punchy is implied to have told Ella to get Ahmad, but instead shouts his name. Punchy tells Ella how he could've done that, but gets told to shut up by her. When Ahmad comes out and asks who is calling out his name. Ella says how Punchy told her to, to which Punchy mimics her. Ahmad tells Ella to not listen to "this knothead" as he'll get her in trouble. Radio Raheem comes by and they compliment him.

Later, Cee and Punchy release water from a fire hydrant and make tubes to make the water spray onto people who want to cool off. Charlie comes by and they get him and his car wet. They both run off before Officer Mark Ponte and Officer Gary Long come by, but don't help much with Charlie.

When Da Mayor tells Eddie to get him some Miller High Life, him and the gang come by to harass Da Mayor. When Ella tries to defend him, Punchy shouts at her to "shut up!" When Ahmad gets heated after insulting Da Mayor, Cee and Punchy pull him away from him.

Punchy joins in with the crowd who are backing up Buggin' Out who had his snickers ruined by Clifton.

When Buggin' Out comes by to ask him and the gang for help to boycott Sal's Pizzeria, they all refuse, with Punchy saying: "Black Panther eat pizza, we eat pizza."

At nightfall when the pizzeria is closed, they come by for some pizza and Sal let's them in. When Radio Raheem, Buggin' Out and Smiley march into the pizzeria with "Fight the Power" playing loudly from the boom box, they all have a big argument. The gang defends Sal until he uses the n-word , to which they become against him. When Sal smashes the boom box with his baseball bat, the blacks and the whites in the pizzeria (apart from Mookie and Ella) start fighting each other. When the police arrive and kill Radio Raheem and arrest Buggin' Out and leave, the people all mourn over Radio Raheem's death. Punchy is seen saying: "They killed him; they killed Radio Raheem!" When they all start shouting at Sal, Punchy is seen shouting: "He died because of a radio! All he wanted was some pictures on the wall and he died!" After Mookie throws the trash can through the pizzeria window, they all start a riot, destroying everything in the pizzeria and burning it down. Punchy joins in on the riot.