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Mark Ponte is the police officer on the left.

Officer Mark Ponte is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Miguel Sandoval. He is a white policeman who works with Officer Gary Long. Unlike his partner, Ponte is more levelheaded and slightly more compassionate. However, he still appears to be as prejudiced as Long.

He is first seen, along with Long, when Charlie gets soaked by Cee and Punchy. He asks Charlie if he happened to catch their names. Charlie sarcastically replies "Moe and Joe" to which Ponte asks for their surnames, and says how they're brothers. Ponte asks Da Mayor if he knows about this, but doesn't help. Ponte tells Charlie to go before the people start stripping his car clean.

He is later seen with shades on as he is slowly driving by Sweet Dick Willie, Coconut Sid and ML in the patrol car with Gary Long. He remarks: "What a waste!"

He is then seen at nightfall at Sal's Pizzeria with Gary Long. When the fight ensues, the police come and hold off Radio Raheem. While Long is choking Radio Raheem to death, Ponte notices Radio Raheem dying and orders his partner to stop before killing him, but Long ignores him. After the now-deceased Raheem falls to the ground, Ponte kicks him and shouts to him: "Quit faking it!". Realizing he's dead, he tells the other officers to get him out of here. They carry Raheem's corpse to the patrol car and flee the scene, leaving everyone to mourn Raheem's death and riot.