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Officer Gary Long on the far right.

Officer Gary Long is a character in the film Do the Right Thing. He is a tall white policeman who is partners with Officer Mark Ponte. He was portrayed by the late Rick Aiello, who was Danny Aiello's son.

His first appearance is when he and Ponte show up when Charlie and his car gets soaked by Cee and Punchy using the fire hydrant. He has a wrench with him and uses it to turn the water from the fire hydrant off. He tells the people to not put the fire hydrant on again, or "there'll be hell to pay!" He also says if they want to get wet, they should go to Coney Island.

He cruises with Mark Ponte on the patrol car slowly past by ML, Sweet Dick Willie and Coconut Sid.

He is part of the fourth wall breakers sequence where people descriptively insult other races, where Long insults Puerto Rican Stevie by saying: "You Goya bean eating, fifteen-in-a-car, thirty-in-an-apartment, pointed shoes, red wearing, Menudo, meda-meda Puerto Rican cocksucker. Yeah, you!"

He is seen again with Ponte at nightfall in Sal's Pizzeria, talking to Sal about how long he is going to stick around the neighbourhood and buying some food from him, and telling him to take care.

When the fight is ensuing, Pino is known to have called the police, and they arrive with other officers to hold Radio Raheem off from Sal. Gary Long chokes Radio Raheem to death with his nightstick, while Mark Ponte is telling him "that's enough!", but Long ignores him. Raheem's feet are seen dangling in the air while getting choked. When he stops, Raheem is lying on the ground, Long shouts at him to get up. When they find out he's dead, they carry him to the patrol car and drive out of the neighborhood, along with Buggin' Out.

He and Ponte are not seen again when the police arrive again when there's a riot and Sal's Pizzeria is burnt down.