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Jade is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Joie Lee. She is Mookie's sister, who also lives with her.

She is seen combing Mother Sister's hair on the stairs outside Mother Sister's house.

In her first appearance in the film, she is sleeping and woken up by Mookie, who messes with her. She gets annoyed, saying how Saturday is the only day she can wake up late.

Being part of a sequence where people cool off, Jade is seen showering her head in slow-motion.

She is later shown fanning herself when Mookie comes back to the house to shower. She lectures Mookie about taking care of his responsibilities.

When Jade makes her way to Sal's Pizzeria, she meets with Buggin' Out who talks about the pictures on the wall. She advises him about doing something useful like something positive to the community. Buggin' Out disagrees but says how he still loves her, who says how she loves him too.

When Jade enters Sal's Pizzeria, she receives a warm welcome from Sal, as she hasn't been there for a while. Instead of normal pizza, Sal offers her to make something special. Mookie is unhappy the way Sal is treating her, saying not to come into the restaurant anymore. They argue, but Jade says how she's tired of supporting a grown man, and then leaves.

When the fight ensues, she yells out "Mookie" from a window. During the riot, she is seen sitting next to Mookie on the sidewalk.


Mookie- brother

Tina- sister-in-law (unofficial)

Hector- nephew