Ella is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Christa Rivers. She hangs around with male friends Cee, Punchy and Ahmad.

She is first seen when she's hollering for Ahmad to come out from his apartment. Ahmad says how she shouldn't yell for him outside and to use her head. When Radio Raheem comes by, she laughs at everything her friends say about Raheem.

When Cee and Punchy release water from the fire hydrant, Ahmad carries her, against her will, to the water and gets her soaked.

She is later seen with a different set of clothes on, as the ones she was wearing were soaked. When she and her friends witnesses offscreen when Da Mayor asks Eddie to get him some Miller High Life from the grocery store, her friends harass Da Mayor, while Ella tries to defend him until to get shut up by Punchy. She just stands there while Ahmad insults Da Mayor, who then gets pulled away by Cee and Punchy.

She joins the others with Buggin' Out when he argues with Clifton.

When Ella and her friends get asked to boycott Sal's Pizzeria by Buggin' Out, she says how she was raised by Sal's pizzas, and refuses to boycott along with her friends.

At nightfall, she and her friends go to the closed pizzeria for some pizza, but Mookie is annoyed by them. Sal opens the pizzeria again just to serve them, until Radio Raheem, Buggin' Out and Smiley enters to boycott the pizzeria. Ella and her friends argue with them, until Sal uses the word "nigger." Upon saying that word, Ella and her friends say: "Oh, we're niggers now?"

After Sal smashes Radio Raheem's boom box, they start fighting each other. The people who fight in the pizzeria include Sal, Radio Raheem, Buggin' Out, Smiley, Ahmad, Punchy, Cee, Vito and Pino. Mookie and Ella are the only ones who don't fight, as Ella is screaming at them to stop fighting. After this, she is not seen again in the film when there's a riot.