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Da Mayor

Da Mayor is a character in Do the Right Thing, portrayed by the late Ossie Davis. He is an older black man who some call the town drunk. In the film, he is constantly trying to win both the approval and affection of the neighborhood matron, Mother Sister.

He is first shown in the film when waking up in bed, and commenting on how hot it is. He goes to Sal's Pizzeria and gets some temporary work on cleaning the front of the Pizzeria, and gets some money from Sal for doing it. He is then shown in the Korean grocery store, looking for some Miller High Life, but sees that there's no more. He is annoyed about it, but chooses Miller Light. He is then seen drinking by Mother Sister's house, who argues with him.

He briefly stops by again by Mother Sister's house when she has her hair combed by Jade. He is briefly questioned by the cops when Charlie gets soaked.

When Mookie walks by delivering a pizza, Da Mayor advises him to "always do the right thing." He stops and asks Eddie: "What makes Sammy run?" and to get him some Miller High life. He then gets harassed by Cee, Punchy and Ahmad, while Ella tries to defend him.

He buys some flowers for Mother Sister from the grocery store. He later saves Eddie from a car that almost ran him over. He gets complimented by Mother Sister at nightfall for his act.

When the fight ensues, he tells the people who are fighting each other to break it up. After the cops kill Radio Raheem and leave, he tells the people to go home, and not do anything that they'll regret. When Mookie throws the trash can through the Pizzeria window, he is heard yelling "NO!" When he hears Mother Sister repeatedly crying "No!", he comforts her.

The next day, he awakes in Mother Sister's house, who tells him how he almost got killed last night. He says how he hopes the block's still standing.