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Charlie is a minor character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by the late Frank Vincent. He appears in the film when the people are playing with the water from the fire hydrant and Charlie is trying to get past with his car. He tells Punchy and Cee that it's an antique, and they cover the fire hydrant. But when a person is blocking him from getting past, he insults him, which Punchy and Cee get annoyed about and makes him and his car get wet

Punchy and Cee run from the scene when the cops arrive. Charlie pulls over and opens the door of his car, where water falls out from it. He tells cops Officer Mark Ponte and Officer Gary Long what happened, but they didn't do much about it but turn the fire hydrant off. The cops ask the name of the suspects, but he doesn't know and says Moe and Joe Black. Charlie tells the cops to ask Da Mayor, but doesn't help at all. Ponte tells Charlie to move on before the people start to strip his car clean.