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Cee in the green vest

Cee is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Martin Lawrence in his feature film debut. He hangs around with his friends Punchy, Ahmad and Ella.

He is first seen with his friends outside Ahmad's home. When Radio Raheem comes by, Cee and the others compliment him.

At noon, Cee and Punchy make tubes and release water from the fire hydrant. They use the tubes to make the water spray upwards and people come and enjoy cooling off from the heat with the water. When Charlie comes by in his car, he tells them to block the water so he can get past. They do that and tell him to go ahead, but when he insults someone who is in his way, they spray the water all over him and the car. Cee and Punchy the run away from the scene and Charlie complains about it to Officer Mark Ponte and Officer Gary Long, who don't help much.

Later when Buggin' Out gets his snickers ruined by Clifton, Cee joins in with the crowd who back Buggin' Out. Cee says to Buggin' Out: "You might as well throw those out anyway; them s***s is broke!"

When Buggin' Out comes by to ask Cee and his friends to boycott Sal's Pizzeria, Cee and his friends refuse.

At nightfall, Cee and his friends come by to the closed pizzeria for some pizza, and Sal lets them in. After they all sit down, Radio Raheem, Buggin' Out and Smiley enter the pizzeria with the song Fight the Power blasting from Raheem's boom box. They support Sal until he uses the word "ni**er." After Sal destroys Radio Raheem's boom box and Raheem fights Sal, Cee joins in on the fight when he gets hit in the eye.

After the police kill Radio raheem and leave, Cee says how "it's not even safe in our own neighbourhood!" After Mookie throws the trash can through the pizzeria window, Cee joins in on the riot that pursues after.