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Ahmad on the far right

Ahmad is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Steve White. He hangs around with friends Cee, Punchy and Ella.

He is first shown when Ella is shouting for him at his apartment, which she shouldn't have. Ahmad tells Ella how she should use her head. When Radio Raheem comes by, Ahmad, Punchy and Cee compliment him.

When Punchy and Cee release water from the fire hydrant, Ahmad carries Ella against her will to the water and gets her soaked.

Afetr Da Mayor tells Eddie to go to the grocery store to get some Miller High Life, Ahmad and his friends witness this and come by to harass them. They insult him, especially Ahmad, who loses his temper, who then gets pulled away by Cee and Punchy.

When Buggin' Out's snickers are ruined by Clifton by bumping into him, Ahmad joins the crowd who backs Buggin' Out. Ahmad shouts in Buggin' Out's ear that: "Man, your Jordans are FUCKED UP!"

When Buggin' Out asks him and his friends to boycott Sal's Pizzeria, Ahmad and his friends refuse, and insults Buggin' Out's hairstyle.

At nightfall, Ahmad and his friends want to go for some pizza in the closed pizzeria, which Sal let's them in. Before servng them, Radio Raheem, Buggin' Out and Smiley enter the pizzeria with the boom box playing "Fight the Power." During the argument, Ahmad and his friends are on Sal's side until Sal uses the word "nigger." After Sal smashes the boom box and the fight occurs, Ahmad joins in the fight, helping the blacks against the family of whites.

After Radio Raheem gets killed by the police, he is seen shouting: "Murder! Eleanor Bumpers! Murder!" When Da Mayor tells the people to go home or someone will get hurt, Ahmad is seen replying: "Yeah you, boy!" He is part of the riot that takes place after Mookie throws the trash can through the pizzeria window.